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Liquid Gypsum

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Instant-action soil flocculant


Develop a crumb texture in your soil without digging or ploughing the life out of it!

EUTREMA’s LIQUID GYPSUM IS THE ORIGINAL. Invented by our founder Dr Russell Sharp in 2016. We formulate it in-house to our high standards.

When Liquid Gypsum is applied to the soil, the clay particles in the soil are attracted to its large positively charged calcium ions. This process creates the soil ‘flocs’, and a well-flocculated soil is preferred because it will be composed of large soil aggregates that allow water and air to penetrate, and thus improve drainage and aeration.

Degraded soils that respond well to Liquid Gypsum addition include; compacted soils, salt-damaged soils, and clay-dominated soils. However, as all agricultural soils contain at least some clay, they should all respond positively to the addition of Liquid Gypsum.

Unlike other gypsum products, Liquid Gypsum is a solution, so it acts instantly to flocculate the soils. This makes it 2000 times more instantly effective than granular/suspension products. You also do not need to worry about blocked filters and nozzles, which can occur with suspended gypsum.

Nutrient content (w/v)

6% calcium 

10% Sulphur

Application protocol

Pre-planting soil drench: apply at 5-20L / ha in plenty of water. Rate can be increased depending upon the state of the soil and the level of bound phosphorus. Adjust water volume to tailor how far into the top soil you want the flocculation to occur.

In crop application: Apply 5L in 200L of water using a sprayer. Follow applications with a spray of fresh water to knock excess product off the leaves. Do not apply in very hot weather or during mid-day sun in the summer.

To read more about how soil conditioners, visit our blog  post on the subject:


Check compatibilities with a bucket test before co-applying with other agrochemicals. DO NOT TANK MIX WITH ACIDIC PRODUCTS.

Avoid eye and skin contact. Store out of direct sunlight, away from extreme temperature (4-3oC), and out or sight and reach of children. For further guidance on transport, storage, use, and disposal, refer to the safety data sheet (SDS).


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