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    Black Grass Pathogen - Fresh Spores

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    SIGN UP CLOSED FOR 2024 ON 5th JANUARY  – This was to ensure we satisfy demand with production in our laboratory ready for early spring 2024.

    Price includes VAT and delivery.

    Spores are dispatched in a pure unformulated powder in a sterile vial. There are 417 billion spores per gram of spore powder.

    You will receive enough spores to treat the selected hectarage four times in a growing season.

    Product is delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery Service four times during the growing season.


    50 hectares, 100 hectares, 500 hectares, 1000 hectares


    • Freshly cultured pathogenic spores of the Black Grass fungal pathogen Blumeria graminis f.sp. Alopecurei.
    • Supplied with enough spores to cover the selected hectarage FOUR TIMES. This is so you can make multiple applications. We will post these spores out at three week intervals to ensure maximum viability. We will phone you to arrange the timing of your first spore delivery.
    • Will not infect or damage any arable crop. We have confirmed this with multiple laboratory and field experiments.
    • Spores can be purchased in advance and delivered at a future date to ensure maximum viability. Purchase in winter to secure your supply for early spring application. Spore availability may be limited by our laboratory’s production capacity if the product proves popular.
    • All of the UK black grass population is susceptible to this pathogen with no resistance encountered or expected. This has been confirmed on samples of black grass sent in from over 40 farms across England.
    • Blumeria graminis f.sp. Alopecurei is a native fungal species to the British Isles and an unmodified organism.
    • Spores are guaranteed for each batch from our quality assurance laboratory. All spores are cultured in our state-of-the-art microbiology laboratory in Northamptonshire. No products are stored for more than two days.  This prevents issues with shelf-life affecting the product’s efficacy on the farm. For this reason, always apply spores within 48 hours of receiving them.
    • Each delivery will be marked with the total spore count counted in each sealed vial.
    • Non-toxic to humans and any living species (other than black grass). However, always use appropriate PPE when handling any spores to prevent inhalation. Use an EN 14683 rated face mask when handling dry spore powder.
    • This technology is exclusive to Eutrema and not available through any other company.


    Application protocol

    • Wear an EN 14683 rated face mask when handling dry spore powder.
    • Wash out spray tank, especially if recently used to apply fungicides.
    • First add dechlorinator to the tap water in the tank (supplied with the spores).
    • Add dried spores to spray tank in 100-400L of water per hectare and keep agitated. Do not store the solution once added.
    • Keep pressures below 6.9 bar (1oo PSI) and ideally below 3 bar if possible.
    • Spores are tank mix compatible with most agrochemicals (apart from fungicides). We have confirmed compatibility with neonicotinoid and pyrethroid insecticides.
    • For best results apply on cloudy days, or at the end of the day. This limits the negative impact of UV light on the fungus.
    • These spores will not clog filters as they are smaller than 50 microns in diameter.
    • Supplied with tank dechlorinator to maximise the viability of the spores when applied.
    • Full technical support. Feel free to ring or email us any time to discuss. email: tel: 01327 640062


    What does the ‘f.sp.’ mean in the pathogen’s scientific name; Blumeria graminis f.sp. Alopecurei?

    ‘f.sp.’ is an abbreviation for Forma specialis (Special Form in English). Forma specialis are forms of one species of fungus. Whilst all belonging to the same fungal species, the crucial difference is that each one only infects one specific group of plant species. So whilst the different forms look the same on the leaf, or even under the microscope, their genetics have adapted to rely on just one group of hosts.

    The science behind Forma specialis is a well-known, long-established, and universally acknowledged. This gives us confidence that these forms will not attack any crop plants. This is because black grass is only a distant relative of the crops that are in the grass family. Black Grass and Cereals are at near opposite ends of the grass family tree. However, at Eutrema we do not rely just on the theory, we have backed this up by trials were we have exposed crop plants to this specific pathogen and found no infection every time we ran the assay. A fully expected result, but nice to know!

    See the Wikipedia page on Forma specialis for further details.

    Blumeria graminis f.sp. Alopecurei is host-specific to black grass (Alopecurus myosuroides).


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. Will fungicide applications harm the fungus?

    A.  Yes, fungicides will limit the health and spread of this pathogen. However, we know from applying fungicides to cereal crops that spraying fungicides never kills off or fully controls a foliar disease. Therefore, getting an infection on the black grass early and allowing the arable crop to ‘grow away’ will be the key to success.

    To reduce the impact of synthetic fungicides, use our bio-fungicide CHITOSAN in your disease prevention program.


    Q. Isn’t this pathogen already on the black grass?

    A. It may be towards the end of the growing season once fungal populations have built up in the wider environment. But even then, the level of spores around will not anywhere near the levels at which we supply. If you think about human diseases like Legionnaires Disease or Covid 19, an early high dose of spores/particles has a massive impact on the severity of the disease that subsequently hits the organism.

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    50 hectares, 100 hectares, 500 hectares, 1000 hectares


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