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Clay Drainer

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  • Clay Drainer is a designed specifically for waterlogged clay soils.
  • Premium wetting agent for use on lawns and flower beds.
  • 1 litre of Clay Drainer treats over 3000 m2 (equal to half a football pitch).
  • Allows floodwater to drain more quickly.
  • Overcomes ‘pans’ created by compaction of clay soil over time.
  • Once applied to clay it will break down the surface tension in the soil clods, freeing the water to drain away by gravity.
  • After application, air will flow into spaces left behind by the drained water and this will improve the health of plant roots and other organisms living in the soil.
  • Clay Drainer decomposes in a few months to non-hazardous plant nutrients (nitrogen and sulphur).
  • Clay Drainer will not harm lawn grass or flowering plants in the borders. However, Clay Drainer will cause any moss in the lawn to become bleached and the moss may die as a result.
  • Safe to use on gardens used by pets and children.



  • Apply using either a watering can with sprinkler, or a backpack sprayer.
  • Shake bottle before use.
  • Add 10mL per litre of tap water and mix thoroughly. Do not add any other product to the mix.
  • Apply evenly across the surface of the ground. 1 litre of diluted product will treat 30m2.
  • Apply an extra dose of water to drive the product into the soil either using a water can or garden sprinkler.
  • Do not apply on very sunny and hot days.

For best results at improving drainage of clay soils; use Clay Drainer two weeks before or after applying Eutrema Liquid Gypsum.

Clay Drainer can also be used to re-wet baked dry clay soils during drought when the soil turns ‘hydro-phobic’; also known as ‘dry patch’.


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