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Humic and fulvic acid solution

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Biostimulant content (w/v)

30% humic and fulvic acid

+ Natural saponin soaps to ensure good foliar spread

+ Preservatives


Humic and fulvic acid formulated for action on the leaf surface.


A liquid blend of biologically active natural source ingredients, which exert a positive effect on the whole growth cycle of arable and horticultural crops.


The efficiency of applied chemicals (pesticides and fertilisers) are improved when humic and fulvic acids are applied due to increased uptake. As a result, humic acid application allows for reductions in inputs and recent trial work has shown that fertiliser levels can be reduced together with fewer applications of fungicides whilst maintaining yield and quality. On soils low in organic matter or fertility, crop yields are improved.


The stimulatory effect is also evident in the plant from the earliest point. Seeds dressed with humic acids show improved germination rates and numbers. Root growth is stimulated and more robust top growth occurs when soil is treated with humic acid or when sprayed after emergence. A healthy plant with a strong rooting system not only makes more use of available nutrients but also shows better disease resistance.

Application protocol

Apply 3 litre / ha alongside fertilizer treatment at the post-emergence stage.

Can also be applied as a root drench before sowing (3-8 litres / ha).

To learn more about how humic acid can aid crop establishment, please read our blog post on the subject:


We cannot predict or guarantee tank mix success for any product; always conduct a bucket test to confirm compatibility.


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