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Want to help develop a biological control for black grass?

At Eutrema we have begun a search for a biological control method for the dreaded black grass (Alopecurus myosuroides). Black grass is costing British arable farmers billions in lost revenue and the problem is only getting worse. The weed is on the move and has developed resistance to most conventional herbicides used to control it.

Eutrema’s approach is to look harness the natural biology of the weed ,and use it against it, to fight the weed in a more natural way where resistance will not be an issue. We have established the Black Grass Biology Group which will bring together farmers from all over the country to pool resources and develop the biological solution together.

Managing Director of Eutrema, Dr Russell Sharp said ‘although in its very early stages, the project is really exciting as it could lead to a new weapon for farmers in the fight against this pernicious weed. We are actively seeking farmers to sign up to the new group. The whole project will be farmer-orientated and the end solution will be totally produced and delivered by the farmers themselves. This is unlike anything that has gone before, which have traditionally focused on selling farmers yet another polycan of product to apply to their field.’

Eutrema are located in a renowned black grass hot spot, with many fields around Daventry playing host to more black grass plants in them than wheat or barley!

If your farm is currently suffering from visit the link below to join the Black Grass Biology Group. Once you join there we can share far more details with you and set out the steps we all need to take next to make the project a success.

Sign up to the BLACK GRASS BIOLOGY GROUP below:

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