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Phosphorus Liberator

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After extensive on-farm trials, Phosphorus Liberator is now available for UK farms via Agrovista. 


Dissolves phosphorus locked up in the soil 

EUTREMA’s PHOSPHORUS LIBERATOR IS THE ORIGINAL. Invented by our founder Dr Russell Sharp in 2016. We formulate it in-house to our high standards.

Phosphorus Lock up

Up to 90% of the phosphorus added as a fertiliser to agricultural soil quickly becomes insoluble and is thus unavailable to plants. This is due to formation of calcium phosphate, iron phosphate, and aluminium phosphate. Such ‘lock up’ can occur within hours.

Year-on-year applications of phosphorus fertiliser are left stored in a ‘soil bank account’ due to lock up. It is estimated that only 1% of the total phosphorus present in agricultural soils is available to the crop. Under normal conditions, the remaining phosphorus is only released by the actions of fungi and plant exudates; an extremely slow process that takes decades or longer. Phosphorus Liberator acts like a massive influx of  these fungal exudates, but without significantly altering the soil pH.

Phosphorus Liberator is far more effective and reliable than microbial products that claim to free bound phosphorus, and it is works in cold spring soils when microbes are dormant. The product is fully biodegradable, contains no heavy metals, and is not classified as hazardous to the environment.

Application protocol

Pre-planting soil drench: apply at 5-20L / ha in 200L of water. Rate can be increased depending upon the state of the soil and the level of bound phosphorus.

In crop application: Apply 5L in 200L of water using a sprayer. 

To learn more about how soil conditions like Phosphorus Liberator can aid with crop establishment, please read our blog post on the subject:


Check compatibilities with a bucket test before co-applying with other agrochemicals.

Avoid eye and skin contact. Store out of direct sunlight, away from extreme temperature (4-3oC), and out or sight and reach of children. For further guidance on transport, storage, use, and disposal, refer to the safety data sheet (SDS).


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