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Seaweed Extract (cold-processed)

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Eutrema’s in-house seaweed extract is manufactured using a cold water extraction process in order to protect the valuable bioactive compounds found in the seaweed fronds. Harvested sustainably in Scotland and processed without drying, hot water, or harsh alkaline extraction chemicals.

Proven and effective on a range of crops and on turf.

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1 Litre Polycan, 5 Litre Polycan, 20 Litre Polycan, 1000 Litre IBC


Seaweed extract – premium  concentrate

  • Cold-processed, flash-pasteurised. This protects the bioactive compounds found in the raw seaweed fronds (leaves).
  • Extracted from 100% Ascophyllum nodosum (Knotted Wrack) sustainably harvested from the shores of the British Isles. Ascophyllum nodosum is widely regarded as the best algal species for use as a plant biostimulant.
  • Use as a biostimulant on young plants during establishment. 
  • Seaweed extracts are proven to help plants resist environmental stresses, such as cold temperatures or drought conditions.
  • The natural sugar alcohols (e.g. mannitol) will also help the plant transport the important nutrient boron.
  • Exclusive to Eutrema, direct from our seaweed processing facility. 
  • 100% British ingredients.


For more information on how seaweed extract works, see our blog post on the subject here.

Application Protocols

Cereals and field crops: use 2-4 Litres in 200 liters of water.

Lawns and gardens: dilute 10mL per litre of tap water and apply as either a root drench with a watering can or foliar spray with a back pack sprayer.

Suitable for use on organic crops.

We cannot predict or guarantee tank mix success for any product; always conduct a bucket test to confirm compatibility.

Not tank-mix compatible with Chitosan bio-fungicide.


Bioactive concentration

  • Laminarins = 1.17%
  • Fucoidan = 0.49%
  • Alginic acid = 3.18%
  • Mannitol = 2.01% 

Additional information

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1 Litre Polycan, 5 Litre Polycan, 20 Litre Polycan, 1000 Litre IBC


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