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12.5% Salicylic Acid Solution - Eutrema Exclusive

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Potent elicitor of plant defence mechanisms. Both local to the site of application (foliage), and systemic travelling to every cell in the plant.

 12.5 % Salicylic Acid soluble concentrate

Potent activator of plant defence responses.  Strongest liquid salicylic acid product on the market.

Good tank mix compatibility; Many other elicitors of plant defences show poor tank mix compatibility. While salicylic acid remains soluble and keeps spray nozzles clear when mixed with most agrochemicals. The hardness of the water will also not effect its solubility.

No synthetic solvents or surfactants used in formulation.

Application protocols

Foliar Feed: 100-200mL/ha in 200L of water.

Tank mix compatible with most co-products (pesticides, biostimulants and other fertilisers). Always conduct a bucket test to confirm with new mixes to confirm compatibilities.


The Strongest Salicylic Acid solution on the market!

Potent elicitor of plant defence mechanisms. Salicylic acid acts both locally at the site of application and systemic throughout the plant. This means you do not need to completely cover the plant, and you can apply to either the foliage or the roots and still achieve full plant protection.

Salicylic acid is normally only soluble in water at low concentrations using conventional formulation techniques. That is why other products that contain it have far lower amounts and far higher dose rates. However, Eutrema have perfected an advanced formulation that allows us to load 125 grams of the active ingredient into every litre of product. This breakthrough is a game changer for crop protection on farms.

Unlike other elicitor compounds (such as seaweed extracts, and chitosan), our salicylic acid solution is tank-mix compatible with potassium silicate products. Hence, it makes a perfect partner during pathogen suppression sprays. Most other plant elicitors are also non-systemic, therefore cannot act on tissues they are not directly applied to, such as the root system.

Only launched in 2023, our Salicylic Acid Solution is already proving particularly popular with golf course greenskeepers across the UK.

Application Protocol

Because it is so concentrated, you only need a very small dose.

Foliar Feed: 0.5-1.0 mL per litre of tap water in a fine mist sprayer.

100-200mL / hectare in 200L of water.

For more details on how to use on cereal crops download our FUNGICIDE REDUCTION ACTION PLAN


To learn more about the use of salicylic acid on crops, please visit our blog post on the subject:

Avoid eye and skin contact. Store out of direct sunlight, away from extreme temperature (4-3o C), and out or sight and reach of children. For further guidance on transport, storage, use, and disposal, refer to the safety data sheet (SDS).

1 review for 12.5% Salicylic Acid Solution – Eutrema Exclusive

  1. Matt

    This worked great as a root drench and wasn’t an issue mixing with regular fertiliser regime.

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