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Why are we called Eutrema?

Eutrema is the scientific name for Wasabi (Eutrema japonicum). Yes, the same plant that is used to make the super green and shockingly intense condiment found accompanying Japanese cuisine. 

At Eutrema we have been growing wasabi for several years as an experimental crop. We do this because wasabi is renowned as the most difficult crop in the world to grow. This makes Wasabi a great test plant for new fertilisers, biostimulants, and bio-pesticides. 

In addition we love hot food, and wasabi is famed for its extremely intense flavour. So the leftovers from our trials never go to waste! Plus, we have got really good at growing wasabi, so there is always plenty to go around. 

If you are interested in growing wasabi, and want access to our secret tips on how to super-charge the yield and flavour, please get in contact with our technical team. We have perfected the optimal growing conditions, nutritional needs, and pest control for this crop. Of particular importance is the need to optimise calcium and sulphur nutrition as wasabi is a member of the brassica plant family.

One of the common mistakes with cultivating wasabi is the belief that their roots need to be sat permanently in water. And while the plant does thrive in river beds, it does not thrive in stagnant un-aerated water. Hence why you will never find it growing in ponds or lakes, and why it invariably dies when people try to cultivate it in submerged pots or tanks. Instead, the plant needs to be kept well-watered and never allowed to dry out, but always let the pots drain freely.

Another major issue is high light levels. ALWAYS protect wasabi from direct sunlight during mid-summer. At other times of the year shading is not required and impedes growth. However, during mid-summer the plants will die within a day if exposed to intense heat and light.

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