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“Cereal Killers” – our new podcast!

We are delighted to announce that Eutrema have launched a new podcast; “CEREAL KILLERS”. The podcast is focused on the pests, diseases and weeds that affect arable crops.

Each week we will be performing a deep dive on one arable crop problem. We discuss the biology, lifecycle, and control methods. Plus there a few interesting and funny facts interspersed too.

The podcast is co-hosted by Dr Russell Sharp, the Managing Director of Eutrema and Josie Cuccia, Lecturer at Moulton College.

If you are farmer, agronomist or scientist and tackle these pests and diseases we would love to interview you for the podcast, so please do get in touch.

The first episodes cover slugs, black grass, and rust fungus. And we think we have enough content to keep going with a weekly episode for well over a year. Such is the number of problems that can effect cereal crops in the field!

To find it on your podcast app of choice, just follow this link:

Please let us know what you think of the podcast. We are just starting our podcasting journey so feedback from the agriculture industry would be very welcome.


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